Qt Creator + CUDA + Linux

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Qt Creator + CUDA + Linux – Review.

I’ve been googling for a while looking for info about Qt Creator and CUDA and there is not too much information about this topic, at least useful. The topic ‘QMake build script for CUDA‘ in the nvidia forum pointed me the way. Basically we need to tell our qt project file how to generate the Makefile to include the CUDA stuff. A basic .pro file to run the HelloQtCuda World program looks like this: Continue reading


Sooner or later everybody’s blog goes R.I.P. Sometimes a reset is done and old post are lost. The orange machine’s blog was a place for the topics related to the master and sometimes… people read it! (praise to wordpress and google search engines) , so i’ll keep the old one just in case. So, this is a reset/new creation blog about CUDA  for some reasons.- Continue reading